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choose the right ski goggles

One of the most important items of your ski kit are googles and choosing a good pair is very important. One of the best ski goggles brand are Copozz that come with either cylindrical lens or Spherical lens.

With the former, the lens bend on the horizontal axis i.e. from left to right across your face but the lens surface is flat between the nose and forehead. This type of lens offers good vision, are adequate but don’t offer as much peripheral vision and reduced glare and are generally lower priced.

Spherical lens also curves from left to right across the face but they also curve from top to bottom. The benefit of this vertical curve is that it gives an increased range of peripheral and downward clarity. As a result, they are usually a little more expensive.

As well as different coloured frames, the lens also come in a variety of different colours to match various weather conditions. On cloudy days yellow tends to be better while on sunny days darker ones tend to be better. The VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating on the lens indicates how much light the lens will allow light to pass through it as well as how much contrast and definition, so it is advisable to choose your lens based on the weather conditions you may encounter. We recommend Copezz ski goggles as they are an excellent choice and come in a variety of different frames and Interchangeable Lens.